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DataLink Electronics, Inc.
8333 South Hindry Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tel.: (310) 665-9060
Toll-free: (888)328-2007
Fax: (310) 665-9061

Cage Code: 1VEW5
NAICS: 334413, SIC: 3674
CCR-DUNS 967356890

"A Minority, Woman-Owned Small Business"


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Use this form to enter In Stock and/or Available Parts. You can either use the Cut & Paste Form, or the Data Entry Form.Please remember to select either In Stockor Available in the type box prior to submitting your inventory.

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  • Cut & Paste Form

  • Select the character used to separate each field in your inventory data. If none of the predefined characters match the seperator character for your data, check other and enter the decimal value in the "Other Character" box.
    NOTE: If you are cutting and pasting from MS Excel, select the "TAB" character as your field separator.


    Use the following list boxes to select the order of the fields in your data. The "Part #' and "Quantity" fields are required fields, all other fields are optional. Paste your inventory data here, one part per line up to 250 parts.

  • Data Entry Form

  • PrefixNumberMfgDesc.Qty.D/CPrice

    Be patient once you submit your In Stock parts. It takes a few moments to update the database.